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The reason, why the size of the image in the blogger article or website is small, this affects the speed of the article page opens with the images included. From the Google also has suggested this because why so that the article that you make can be detected quickly by Google. 

If your article page loding opens quickly, when people are looking for information about it then the article will appear at the top of the search, because when opening fast loding is not too long. 

Immediately, I will tell you how to reduce the size of the image. Which I use later without softwere but by way of online through the webwite that has been provided. Even though the image is scaled down on the website the image is still good, the website that I use 

The steps to shrink the image on :
1. Open the website first
2. Click the + Upload Max 9Mb button
3. Select the image to be reduced in size.
4. Click Compress photo, I suggest to be 25% so that the resolution is still good.
5. Under the compress there is a large size of the image that has been compressed.
6. If it is suitable, just download directly.

Now that's the way to reduce the size of the image, so that in a blog or website article when visited it doesn't feel like it has a long stay. I hope this article's guide can benefit you and be your reference.

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